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Victorian Maternity Project Community of Practice (MPCoP)


The MPCoP is no longer operating

The MPCoP was an informal network of project workers who were involved in a range of maternity projects from 2005-2010.  In 2011 the functions of the group merged into those of the Maternity and Newborn Clinical Network (MNCN).  Please see the MNCN website or maternity services website for current project information.

History of MPCoP

There were a number of Maternity Services Projects supported by the Victorian Department of Health and other maternity services. Many of the projects are linked and support each other in some way. The project personnel formed a "Maternity Project Community of Practice" (MPCoP) and met in a semi formal setting three times per year, published project updates in newsletters twice a year, and facilitated annual forums.

The aims of the group were to:

  • exchange information about projects and promote synergy
  • share knowledge and experience
  • create a learning environment with a focus on projects
  • keep a loose, informal network
  • provide opportunities for projects to build on one another
  • facilitate discussion on overcoming barriers/problem solving
  • celebrate/recognise achievements

This group was an important network for project officers whose work often sees them relatively isolated. It was an opportunity for professional support and development in project related skills.

Allied projects and further information

Many allied projects operated within the "Future Directions" policy framework for Victorian Maternity Services and included:

  • Victorian Maternity Record
  • Fetal Surveillance Education Program
  • Pregnancy Care and Maternity Emergency Education Program
  • A New Approach to Psychosocial Support in Pregnancy (ANEW)
  • Maternity Service Performance Monitoring
  • Perinatal Emergency Referral Service
  • Koori Maternity Program
  • Having a baby in Victoria website
  • Maternity and Newborn Clinical Network

For further information about these allied projects in maternity care see www.health.vic.gov.au/maternitycare

There were also a number of important projects supported by maternity services and hospitals, who are involved with the MPCoP, such as the National Smoking in Pregnancy Project (Quit Victoria).


The MPCoP strived to produce newsletters twice a year which provide updates on projects:

Education and Resources

Victorian Maternity Project Community of Practice Twilight Forums


  • 18 August, 2010. Leading Change in Maternity Services, facilitated by Ms Jo Campbell, Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.  Click here to view powerpoint slides. 
  • 23 June, 2009. Improving Recruitment and Retention in Maternity Services. Presentation Professor Sue McDonald, LaTrobe University. Click here to view Powerpoint slides 
  • 4 June, 2008. Program Evaluation in maternity care. Presentation by Dr Delwyn Goodrich, DEECD. Click here to view PowerPoint slides.
  • 22 March, 2007. Implementing Guidelines: from evidence to routine practice. Presentation by Dr Sue Phillips, National Institute of Clinical Studies. Click here to view  PowerPoint slides