3 centres collaboration

Guideline Development


Guideline Development

These guidelines were developed through:

  • searching and appraising international guidelines to compare facets of care.  A ‘Best Practice’ model has been extrapolated from the consensus of opinion between the international guideline groups. Where opinion was absent or equivocal, the highest level of evidence has been used;
  • comparing and contrasting published guidelines from each of the three tertiary centres, namely Mercy Hospital for Women, The Royal Women’s Hospital and Southern Health’s Monash Medical Centre against the international best practice model;
  • an iterative consultation process among key stakeholders, a consensus of opinion was gained in most instances;
  • in cases of conflicting points of view, a variance process was initiated whereby the Co-Chairs of the 3centres Collaboration made the final decision.

Search and appraisal methods

An Ovid platform database selection was made using Medline, Embase, Cochrane library and the Clinicians Health channel used to access on-line journals and databases.

Guidelines developed by specific, international guideline groups were also searched via the internet.