3 centres collaboration

Who We Are

The 3centres Collaboration refers to the:

  • Collective decisions undertaken by a joint steering group of obstetric and midwifery directors from Victoria's three level six maternity hospitals or 'centres' – Mercy Hospital for Women, The Royal Women's Hospital and Monash Medical Centre (Southern Health). The steering group also includes the Director of the Perinatal Emergency Referral Service (PERS) and the Manager of the Maternity and Newborn Clinical Network (MNCN). A senior representative from the Victorian Department of Health (DH) participates in the group as a non-voting member.
  • Work Program January 2009 to December 2011 (PDF 60KB) which embodies these joint decisions.

People in the steering group

Ms Tanya Farrell (Co-chair),
Director Maternity Services,
Royal Women's Hospital

Prof Euan Wallace (Co-chair),
Carl Wood Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Director, The Ritchie Centre, Monash Institute of Medical Research
Director of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Southern Health

Ms Kym Forrest (Treasurer),
Director of Nursing,
Southern Health

Dr Bernadette White,
Clinical Director (Medical)
Obstetric and Maternity Services
Mercy Hospital for Women

Ms Megan Burgmann,
Deputy Director of Nursing,
Maternity and Neonatal Services,
Mercy Hospital for Women

A/Prof Louise Kornman,
Clinical Director (Medical) Maternity Services,
Royal Women's Hospital

Ms Debbie Rogers,
Manager, Maternity & Newborn Clinical Network,
Department of Health

Dr Jacqui Smith,
Medical Director,
Perinatal Emergency Referral Service (PERS)

Non Voting:

Ms Simone Corin,
Maternity Services,
Department of Health

Ex officio:

Ms Wendy Cutchie,
Project Manager,
Guideline Development Project,
3centres Collaboration

Dr Robyn Aldridge,
Clinical Expert,
Guideline Development Project,
3centres Collaboration

Collaboration is a core value underpinning our working relationships