3 centres collaboration

Aims and Objectives

The aim of the 3centres Collaboration is to improve the quality of maternity care services in Victoria by applying the best available evidence and expertise.

The specific objectives for 2009-11 are:

  1. To provide regular bimonthly forums for multidisciplinary leaders which model collaborative behaviour within the group and with other stakeholders, including MNCN, PERS and the Department
  2. To support informal networking which facilitates synergy between other maternity service projects, through the Maternity Project Community of Practice
  3. To provide an advisory role for PERS
  4. To maintain, update and disseminate high quality consumer information
  5. To establish and maintain formal collaborative relationships with the MNCN and other stakeholders to represent tertiary maternity service issues, clarify the roles for tertiary maternity services and investigate areas of mutual concern
  6. To improve the consistency of evidence based practice and uniformity of guidelines within tertiary maternity services, with initiatives which have benefits across the system

These are outlined in more detail in the 3centres strategic plan 2009-11 (pdf).

Details of activities being undertaken to achieve these objectives are outlined in the 3centres workprogram 2009-11 (pdf).

Completed work programs:
3centres work program 2006-9 (pdf)
3centres work program 2003-5 (pdf)

Annual reports

The 3centres Collaboration reports annually to the Department of Health. 

Copies of these reports are available below:

3centres annual report 2009-10 (pdf)
3centres annual report 2008-9 (pdf)
3centres annual report 2007-8 (pdf)
3centres annual report 2006-7 (pdf)
3centres annual report 2006 (pdf)
3centres annual report 2005 (pdf)