3 centres collaboration


Three sets of maternity guidelines are available online

  1. Antenatal care in low risk pregnancies
    (17 guidelines developed 2001 - 3)
  2. Complications in pregnancy and birth (2009-11)
    4 guidelines available (Hypertension including pre-ecclampsia and ecclampsia; APH including placenta praevia and vasa praevia; Preterm labour; Cervical shortening)

    1 guideline in draft (preterm pre-labour rupture of membranes)
  3. Labour and Birth

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Who We Are

3centres Collaboration refers to the collective decisions undertaken by a joint steering group of obstetric and midwifery directors from Victoria's three level six maternity hospitals or 'centres' – Mercy Hospital for Women, Monash Medical Centre (Southern Health), The Royal Women's Hospital. The steering group also includes the Director of the Perinatal Emergency Referral Service (PERS) and the Coordinator of the Maternity and Newborn Clinical Network (MNCN). A senior representative from the Victorian Department of Health (DH) participates in the group as a non-voting member.